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This Morning the Sun Shone

It feels as though the sun has been hibernating.  Sodden day has followed after gloomy day for far too long, but this morning the sun shone!
I stood in front of the window, just to enjoy the golden brilliance glowing everywhere.
“Oh dear!  What are the dogs doing now?” asked one of my children, seeing me gaze outside.
“Nothing.  I’m just letting the sun shine on me.”
And that’s what I did this morning, while homeschooling (yes, some of the children had gotten behind), folding laundry, chatting, and resting—I enjoyed God’s warm, comforting, invigorating sunshine. 

This afternoon, I read in my Bible that eventually there will be no need of sun or moon anymore, for the Lord will give us light (Rev 22:5).  After this morning I understand that in a deeper way.
May you have a day filled with Light.



  1. jenn4him says:

    More and more I really find myself needing the sun. It's wonderful to feel the warmth and be appreciative of its Maker at the same time.


  2. Anonymous says:

    We read some from revelation today too. 🙂

    Sunny days in winter are rare here in the NW so I completely understand soaking it in while it lasts.



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