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Simple Joys

Easter Thoughts for Every Day

I am reading through Easter week in the Bible and with Ann Voskamp, relearning with my heart and mind why Christ came:  to save us from our sins and from all the misery that sin has brought into the world. And I want to give thanks for this, and to teach my children to do […]

Five Thoughts for Valentine’s Day

Your spouse is your friend.  Contrary to modern opinion which often pits husband against wife, that’s the way it can and should be.  My Beloved and My Friend by Hal and Melanie Young (link to my review), discusses and explains this concept.  You can read an excerpt of the book here or get a flavor […]


This year we’ve had some real winter weather, and it’s not even Christmas yet! So many wintery things have been happening: We had a snowstorm that prevented local school busses from running…and, yes, our kids still had to do schoolwork. Wind chills have reached -39. On the coldest morning, our metal front door had shrunk so […]

Christmas Gift Ideas

There are gifts, and then there are gifts that last.  The books and other ideas listed below will be sure to make memories for your family.  We’ve enjoyed each one of them and are thrilled to share them. Obviously, some of the best gifts are those that involve companionship and imagination:  a huge box, an […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy. Thanksgiving. Those two words go together, don’t they?  We usually think of happy people being thankful, but the graphic below shows another truth as well. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!