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My Resolutions


Someone said to me, “If I make new year’s resolutions, I don’t tell anyone.  I don’t want to be teased when I fail.”


I, on the other hand, love to get and give encouragement. When I set a goal, I want to share what I’m striving for and ask for help when I stumble. I find it so exciting and inspiring when other people achieve their goals, and when they’re faltering, I’m thrilled to cheer them on.  To me, it makes sense to share new year’s resolutions and to keep track of how they’re being translated into reality. 


And that’s why I’m listing my resolutions.  Out of dozens of important and lofty dreams, I chose a few simple but vital activities to work (back) into my daily life.  This fall, after feeling below par for years and being seriously ill for 19 months, I started being able to pick up some of the activities of everyday life again.  Here are the ones that I think will make the most difference, in arbitrary order.


  1. Keep up with distant family and friends by email and phone, and remember their special days.  (This week: set up a workable birthday reminder system.)
  2. Keep track of expenditures daily and print out a summary weekly.  (Today: finish off December’s expenses.)
  3. Catch up on important projects, one at a time.  (This week: get back to working on a neat book I was editing/proofreading, and try to finish it by the end of February. That’s 2-3 chapters a week.)
  4. Find two new healthy, simple, affordable, and yummy gluten-free recipes a month.  (Today:  decide which recipe to try from a library book I’m reading.)
  5. Summarize what I’ve learned from all the health reading my doctor and others recommend, and apply any relevant information.  (This week:  summarize an interlibrary loan book that will soon be due.)


I pray that these goals will glorify God and benefit those around me.


Is there any interest in a weekly meme to encourage each other as we work on our new year’s and other goals?  If there is, I’d be willing to set one up.



  1. proverbsmama says:

    I'm going to start posting some gluten-free recipes on my blog (probably the menu blog). But since you've been doing the gluten-free thing for longer than I have, you'll probably already have the recipes!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi! So glad to see that you are working on your resolutions. 🙂 Thanks for the note – it's good to hear from you and know that you are doing better now. If you come across any great GF recipes send them my way, please!


  3. jenn4him says:

    This is the first year in several years that I have not listed my goals on my blog. They usually are always the same: exercise, eat better, read the Bible more… This year I am just going to try to keep plugging away as usual. I do like how you have set up smaller goals within your larger ones. That is the key, I think.


  4. solidrock says:

    I like several of your resoulutions and may adopt a few! Keeping in touch with family better is so important and I so need to do this better.

    I think a meme would be great…if somewhat open ended so we can feel as though we are suceeding!

    Edited by solidrock on Jan. 5, 2010 at 3:47 PM

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