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Fit Mommy Friday Check-In


We’ve had wonderful spring weather, with temperatures averaging 10C above normal.  Life has been great, with lots of sunshine, lots of water, and lots of wet, muddy clothes.  My washing machine is getting a thorough workout, even if I’m not.  (Smiles.)


Exercise:  I went for a walk most days along the road, and each time I was able to go as far as I had last week with no difficulties.    I stretched gently most days, and felt good rather than bad.  It seems as though I am truly getting healthier!


Food:  I ate basics such as vegetables, yoghurt, various meats, nuts, gluten-free grains, and a few fruits…and a ¼ teaspoon of chocolate truffle ‘dough.’  It’s been a crazy week, so we are emptying the freezer rather than going out for fresh produce.   I don’t know which is better, frozen home-grown, organic produce or fresh commercially-grown supermarket vegetables and fruit.  Probably the home-grown produce.


Back to Normal Life:  Once again I attended both church services on Sunday, and I wasn’t too tired on Monday!  During the week, we went out two mornings in a row, something that hasn’t happened for years.  Physically, I could manage it, but it was terrible for schoolwork, and we won’t be doing it again unless necessary.  Most of the week I walked up and down our stairs whenever I felt like it, rather than planning carefully to avoid and consolidate trips.  This is also a great improvement, and I’m so thankful.  I even rolled up some snow fencing and pulled out one temporary fence post, but Mr. 14 had to do the rest for me.


If you, like me, have health issues, I encourage you to try to get fit, little bit by little bit.  It’s amazing what difference a support group can make!  Knowing that Fit Mommy Friday is coming up makes me go out to walk even when I don’t feel like it.  I was going to sit down at the computer this morning, but then I remembered I’d better stretch before beginning this post!  Truly this meme is a great blessing to me.  For cheerful inspiration and encouragement, I encourage you to visit Fit Mommy Friday at Got Chai?


Annie Kate



  1. shaneshelpmeet says:

    Hi Annie Kate,

    You sound like me, gradually getting back into exercise.


  2. jenn4him says:

    Since my move, I've been off my routine, so two days ago we started walking around our neighborhood before lessons. It's been so encouraging. I love seeing signs of spring up close, I don't notice them so much in my van driving to and fro. Have a great weekend.


  3. SevenSmiths says:

    The nicer weather is motivating me better to move my body and to breathe deeply and inhale more fresh air. I'm glad the spring weather is inspiring you too! 🙂

  4. solidrock says:

    I can so relate to the mud! And the beautiful sunny spring days. Just the fact that it is light longer has lifted my mood and given me more energy.

    Can I ask what it is that you are challenged with physically? I have CP, arthritis and fibromyolgia. Pain is normal part of my day but diet plays a big role in making my life better.

    For example mowing the lawn set me back two whole days…I was just able to funtion.

    So glad spring is finally here! Although I did love the rest that winter gives.

  5. AnnieKate says:

    I just noticed you asked what my health issues are. No one knows for sure.

    I do have celiac disease, and before that was diagnosed, the doctors were leaning towards CFS. Going off gluten got rid of many CFS symptoms. Yippee!

    Going off yeast made another huge difference, but I'm just not bouncing back to total health quickly. Perhaps there's still something else.

    It's great to know God is in control!

    Annie Kate

  6. Mrs. White says:

    I love how you went to church and were still okay on Monday!! That is something I seriously struggle with! It is exhausting!


    Mrs. White


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