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Reading Challenges for 2011

Although I?m not making official resolutions or goals this year, I am looking forward to a year full of reading, with the children and by myself.  These are the reading challenges going on at our home this year.  So far.

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This will be my second year with the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge.  I love having a list of books I’ve read each year, because it helps me remember the joy and learning involved with each one.   

I’m also joining a Jane Austen Challenge

in which my goals are to reread

  1. Pride and Prejudice
  2. Northanger Abbey
  3. Sense and Sensibility
  4. Mansfield Park
  5. Emma
  6. Persuasion,

 as well as to study Miniatures and Morals:  The Christian Novels of Jane Austen by Peter J. Leithart, which is an analysis of the above six novels, and to find a good biography of Jane Austen.

Together with Miss 13, who  is also joining this challenge, and Miss 18, I also plan to watch several Austen movies.  This will be a wonderful mother-daughter-sister project for us to enjoy this year.  Miss 18 may not have enough time for all the reading, but she will definitely watch the movies with us.

There?s also the Well-Educated Mind Challenge that looks like fun for a person with a lot of time, and the 12 Classics in 12 Months Challenge that would also be a good idea.  Right now I?m not committing to those?but we?ll see if anyone at our house ends up joining them later on.


  1. kympossible says:

    I love the Jane Austen reading goal!! Peter Leithart is a favorite of mine, but I didn’t know he had done a commentary on Austen’s novels. I am definitely going to be looking for that one! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Annie Kate says:

    Leithart has written several good books on literature, hasn’t he? I always learn so much from him!

    Annie Kate

  3. kympossible says:

    I love his work on Shakespeare. 😎 I just put the Austen one on my to-buy wishlist and since I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket… LOL

  4. Annie Kate says:

    Yes, that one is great as well. We also have Heroes of the City of Man,but haven’t used it. Have you?

    Annie Kate

  5. kympossible says:

    I think I have it, but I haven’t read it yet. I thought it would be great to build a high school lit curriculum using his commentaries, but so far I haven’t done it. Our history curriculum includes Lit so there hasn’t been a need.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      I’ve been thinking of the same idea of a high school curriculum using his books and haven’t done it yet either. The Jane Austen challenge should get us started on that.

      Annie Kate

      1. kympossible says:

        I should certainly have it all ready by the time my daughter is ready for high school Lit. She’s in Grade 4 now. LOL Somehow I don’t think my boys would appreciate it, although I did tell my oldest that he could read “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” instead of the original and I would give him credit for having read it. ROFL

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