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Fit Mommy Friday


Occasionally a week whizzes by in about a day.  That’s what happened to us this week.   My main fitness activity, other than a few physio exercises and some springtime walks, was to make new exercise goals, and here they are.

Average at least 6000 steps, five days a week…will become: go for a walk at least once a day.

Do my physio exercises regularly…will become:  do calisthenics at least 3 times a week. 

Avoid sugar six days a week…will not change, except for the fact that I’m going to stick to it by making sure I have healthy snacks available. 

Eat lots of vegetables and yoghurt.  Drink kefir. This, also, will not change, except for the fact that I plan to focus a lot more on vegetables.

Rest daily…will include naps as well as more outings with the kids.  Today we’re planning to go the IMAX with tickets the children earned at their spelling bee.  I’ll skip my nap but be refreshed in another way.

How about you?  Are you spring-cleaning your fitness goals?

If you want to join Fit Mommies, just visit Denise at Got Chai? As you can tell from my posts, you don’t need to be very active or healthy to participate, although some of the Fit Mommies are.

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