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Book Sale Treasures

Last week I packed up the books and curricula that we no longer need in preparation for our beloved annual used book sale.

Along with over two dozen other moms, I set up my table, laid out my books, and then went browsing.  I found treasures like Ambleside Online’s  Among The Pond People, Jansen’s The Story of Art, several Hentys, Nancy Wilson’s Our Mother Tongue, and others…a  whole box’s worth of used books that I would never have been able to afford new.

People found good resources at my table, too, and went home happy, ready for a new learning adventure.  Now that Miss 8 is in grade 3 and reading well, we had so much to sell!  We are keeping all the Pathway Readers, though.  My children were appalled at the thought of ever selling them.


I went to the sale with exactly four little boxes and came home with…exactly four little boxes. In terms of dejunking, the sale was not a success.  The point, however, was to pass on the things we no longer needed and to find other great resources at discounted prices.  The fact that, this time, I made more money than I spent was a welcome bonus.  

On top of that, I was able to connect with many moms I rarely see.  It’s such a joy to visit, share stories, and support each other!


  1. Stacy says:

    I miss going to those used book sales. I always enjoyed them, especially in those early years when I was still needing to buy so much. I loved finding good deals and having many subjects bought in advance. I also enjoyed finding a few good books for me too — like the kind that will challenge you in your walk with the Lord or refresh your spirit.

    I’m glad you came home with more $ than what you spent. That IS a good thing, even if you did still come home with four boxes. 🙂

  2. JoAnn says:

    That is great. Our homeschool group should be having their used book sale next month. It’s a fun time for us too. Glad you found such great treasures. 🙂


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