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Anniversary Walk and Fitness Goals

For our anniversary my husband and I hiked along a river, something I’d dreamt of doing for a decade.  Despite a few drops of rain, I reveled in the water scenes, birds, and all sorts of wonderful plants.  My husband, great man that he is, enjoyed my enjoyment.  We found the remains of an old pioneer bridge (wow!) as well as the decaying remains of a deer (phew!).  A few times we were caught by brambles, once my husband slipped into the river, and for a short stretch we balanced between gooey mud and spiky bushes, gingerly grabbing hold of the smooth bits of trunk between the spikes.  It was one of my favorite anniversary activities, and we’ve celebrated 21 others already.

The next day, however, when Miss 8 and I went for a little jaunt, I had to turn around.  That fairly moderate river hike had taken a larger toll than I expected, and I had no energy left. 

Thinking ahead to our holidays (which, to me, mean hiking), I determined to walk every day and exercise regularly to build up enough strength to be able to enjoy the trip without exhausting myself or inconveniencing others.  Finally, I have motivation to exercise again!

So here’s how my goals went:

Do my eye exercises 3x a day…  No.  Although I’m trying to build them into my life, I need to become more intentional about them. 

Go for a walk at least once a day… Yes, even though it was rainy!  And while walking, we discovered an Eastern kingbird, a very bossy individual with an appropriate Latin name, tyrannus tyrannus.   

Do calisthenics at least 3 times a week… Daily, since that fateful walk.  It feels so good.  I also gardened almost every day.

Avoid sugar six days a week … Can’t do everything, can’t focus on everything.  So be it.

 Eat lots of vegetables and yoghurt…Yes, and the vegetables included garden fresh asparagus as well as parsley.  Delicious.

Rest daily, and do more fun things with the kids…Yes.  Gardening, walking, smelling lilacs, reading stories, brainstorming summer dreams, listening to music, and even just hanging out.

How about you?  Did you exercise, eat well, and relax happily this week?


If you want to participate in the Healthy Home Link Up, please visit Mrs. White at The Legacy of Home.  This meme is a continuation of Fit Mommy Friday, but the emphasis has changed.


  1. Walking is so much fun. It can be energizing, especially when the sun is shining. I am also trying to walk and eat healthy. This weekend is all about kicking back and relaxing, though. We’re enjoying the long weekend and the start of summer.

  2. JoAnn says:

    Sounds like things are going well. Hubby & I enjoy walking together too, though only through our neighborhoods. Though we do try to get down to the river every once and a while. Glad you are meeting your fitness goals. 🙂


  3. Briana says:

    You had a lovely week. Congrats on your anniversary.

    I am also determined to walk every day. I am starting tomorrow, Monday. And I need to spend more time having fun with my youngsters! I see lots of games, good books, and movies in the hot afternoons while we are hiding from the sun.

  4. Stacy says:

    It really is hard to focus on every goal and accomplish all of them, isn’t it? I still eat sugar, but for several months, we have been buying the miniature bars. It’s enough to curb a sweet tooth, but not several hundred calories, like the full sized bars.

    I had to work overtime and swingshifts this last two week stretch. It’s been very hard and I’m very tired. I chose to cut back a bit on the workouts to see if that might actually help me to rest up a bit. Plus, my back feels like it needs a visit to the chiropractor. It’s not really bad, but enough that I know I will feel better if I see the doc.

    I hope you are able to accomplish your goals in this new week.

  5. Jenn4him says:

    Congratulations on sticking with it! I am starting a new blog to keep track of my fitness goals. I would love to cheer one another on. 🙂

  6. Mrs. White says:

    I am always so inspired by you!!

    Mrs. White

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