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Another Great Week

In my life this week…  The lilacs are blooming, filling the air with fragrance.  The honeysuckles are also opening.  And we have way too much asparagus!  We’d planned to try pickling it, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Today, I’ll freeze some.  And plant potatoes, if the rain stops.

In our homeschool this week… Miss 10 has passed grade 5!  The last things she had to finish were the Key to Metric Measurement booklets.  She thought they looked like a lot of busywork, so she studied each booklet diligently and then challenged the tests.  It worked.    

Miss 8 is also almost finished her year.  She completed her Miquon Math book this week, and started Mathletics.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…  Judo.  Orthodontist. Library. If the rain stops, we’ll attend a local lilac festival this afternoon…unless we’re busy doing our own (and other people’s) yard work or putting up our new pool liner. 

We’ve just signed up to attend a medieval festival.  The last one we attended was on the grounds of a castle ruin in the Netherlands, more than a decade ago.  My husband is talking of dressing up, and if he does, the rest of us probably will, too.   

My favorite things this week were

  • An anniversary walk with my husband.
  • Discussing the first few chapters of Sproul’s Consequences of Ideas: Understanding the Concepts that Shaped Our World, with Mr. 16 while Miss 13 listened in. 
  • Watching Miss 18 plan her university courses and schedule for next year.
  • New judo belts!  Miss 18 and Mr. 16 both got blue/brown; Miss 13 has yellow/orange, and Miss 10 has yellow.
  • Brainstorming our summer dream plans. (Post to follow.)

What’s working/not working for us… A messy desk.  This morning it was full of products to review, corn seeds, the kids’ summer dream plans, marks to record, onion sets, learning ideas for next year, homeschooling magazines, buttons, garden plans, vacation information, and many, many lists.  When my family doesn’t know where to put papers, they put them on my desk.  So do I.  But now it’s much neater:  the seeds are cleaned up, the buttons sewn on, and many of the papers are organized.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…  I need a new read aloud book for ages 8-18.  The previous two were rather girly (Little Women and What Katy Did at School).  While Mr. 16 didn’t complain (he’s a patient fellow), it is now time for a more adventuresome book, but most adventure stories are too intense for Miss 8.   Any suggestions? 

A photo, video, link, or quote to share… 

Want to hear—and watch—some great Brahms?  This was posted on Maggie’s Farm, a blog my husband follows, and will be sure to inspire any pianist or string player…as well as many of the rest of us. 

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  1. Stacy says:

    Follow the River is a great book! It may be a bit too intense though for an 8 yo. But please keep it in mind for later. I’m actually going to have dd read it for part of her high school literature.

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