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One of Those Weeks

This is quickly becoming one of those weeks. 

  • My mind is so foggy I cannot keep focused, but
  • I did realize one very important thing:  I had added neither vinegar nor lemon juice to the salsa soup stock I canned last month.  A long call to the Bernardin home canning company pointed out the inevitable.  I’ll need to throw it all out.  Such a pity!  At least the salsa itself is OK.  And at least no one got hurt by the salsa stock we already had eaten.
  • I need to organize myself and check on our ripening tomatoes regularly, freezing the red ones and throwing out the spoiled ones.
  • The pumpkins and squash need to be checked and eaten as well.  Right now I’m microwaving a pumpkin, but I kept pushing ‘stop’ on the microwave instead of ‘start’.  Sigh!
  • Of course there’s schoolwork, but the kids were up late last night watching the presidential debate so I’m not pushing schoolwork today.
  • Mr. 17 and I had a fascinating field trip about energy research this morning and learned all about mathematical modeling, testing coal for making coke (to be used to make steel), and making diesel biofuels from restaurant and paper making wastes. We met a lot of university co-op students and my head, at least, is spinning with ideas.
  • We planted the garlic, but now it’s time to work on clearing the rest of the garden and then putting compost on it. Tomorrow will be nice weather, and we hope to do a lot of this work then.
  • Mr. 17 is fascinated by the Middle East, so I signed up to NetGalley to access Israel at War, an ebook by Joel Rosenberg I was offered to review.  While there I found a lot of great resources including a book about Windows 8 that my son wants to help me review. 
  • Miss 14 and Miss 12 worked down the road for almost 2  hours, preparing a flower garden for the winter.  Ours need that, too.  Maybe tomorrow.
  • My husband wants me to organize the shopping receipts today so that he can enter them into our spreadsheet.  I usually try to keep up, but we had company for most of this month so far.
  • And tomorrow I need to butcher a chicken; it has broken its leg and there’s just no option.  I hate butchering chickens, even though Mr. 17 does the actual head-chopping for me.  He hates it as much as I do.  Next week we’ll take the rest of the chickens to be professionally butchered.

I suppose the best way to clear my brain would be to do those shopping receipts, go for a walk, write up all the reviews dancing about in my head, and read all the books I need to for the children’s schoolwork.  But, first, a glass of water to keep me going and a pile of laundry to fold.

Maybe then it will no longer feel like one of these weeks.  At least no one around here is bored!

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  1. JoAnn says:

    I’ve had those kinds of weeks too. Sounds like you are keeping busy too. I wouldn’t like butchering a chicken either. I’ll let others take care of that. 🙂

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