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Weekly Wrap Up: Know When to Stop

In my life this week… Well, Miss 14’s ‘cold’ turned out to be pneumonia, and she’s apparently run down.  So she basically took the week off, just rested, coughed, read, and watched Anne of Green Gables.  The rest of the children are fighting the cold, and hopefully they will not get pneumonia!

The children all worked on their Remembrance Day projects, and Miss 10 spent so much time researching airplanes and other things.  She finally spent a few hours learning about different medals and drew some of those; it was a huge, huge project for her.

We had a group of girls over for an Operation Christmas Child shoebox filling party.  So much fun!

In our homeschool this week … Mr. 17 studied during our regular homeschool hours, except when he slept.  Miss 14 had the week off to recharge her batteries.  The Little Misses read and worked on their Remembrance Day projects and ordered hundreds of books for our Reading Week next week.  The girls did almost nothing formal, although they did keep on learning.  I suppose you could say we unschooled.  I love living that way.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… Sometimes you’ve just got to know when to stop.  We’ve been taking a lot of breaks this school year, but each time, we’ve had no choice.  I’m glad God is in charge, and I’m not.  Otherwise I’d get nervous about the fact that we’re not very far into our formal school year yet, and I would not be comfortable stopping yet again.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… As Miss 14 told her friends, she had seen no one except her family and the doctor for a long, long time.  The rest of the kids have been out and about, but we’re all trying to take it easy.

Some of my favorite things this week were

  • Watching Miss 14 be able to laugh after a coughing fit, rather than needing to lie down for a rest.
  • Seeing how the children help each other out with their various injuries and illnesses.
  • Watching Mr. 17 try to cheer Miss 14 up when she was very ill.
  • Seeing the librarian’s delight as our requested books for our next week’s Reading Week started showing up.  Our family’s annual Reading Week coincides with our tiny library’s counting week, and we do our best to keep our library open by keeping the counting week statistics high.
  • Seeing how carefully the girls selected the gifts for their Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.
  • Weeding creeping Charlie out of our lawn in November.  Although it’s not warm, it’s sunny and so pleasant outside.
  • Going to bed early and sleeping in.

Questions/thoughts I have… Remember The River of Adventure by Enid Blyton?  The children had just been quite ill, and Mrs. Mannering was worn out from caring for them, so the doctor ordered them all off to a warm country for a few weeks to recover.  Wouldn’t that be ideal?  But only the rich could afford to do so; the poor people stayed home and got more run down, I suppose.

Things I’ve been working on

  • Catching up with a lot of Mr. 17’s Omnibus work.  It helped that the girls did very little bookwork this week.
  • Preparing the garden and house for winter.
  • Resting, because I feel a bit run down myself.
  • Helping the children with their chores when they are not well.
  • The gluten-free blog project is on the back burner until we’re all well.
  • Remembering to walk, eat well, and relax adequately.

We’re watching The sequel to Anne of Green Gables.  Miss 14 is watching Lord of the Rings with her friends.

I’m reading… Deuteronomy.  I finished Hittite Warrior (great story about ancient Israel for middle school or highschool), The Nine Tailors by Dorothy Sayers (I never did like mysteries before this) and Wordsmithy by Douglas Wilson (so much fun, all about writing, but we read it for the humor). I also moved along in Omnibus 2.

With the kids, we just finished reading Leviticus. We had no family read-aloud this week, but I did read some Heidi with Miss 10 and some Old Fashioned Girl with the Little Misses.

When my husband is home for meals, we’re still reading Ezekiel.  Except he’s basically lost his voice so he’d not reading aloud either.

I’m grateful for … Sleep.

Quote to share…  “Know when to stop,” one of the writing rules from Wordsmithy, and the last words in the book.


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  1. Erin says:

    Annie Kate

    would love to know more about your ‘annual reading week!”

  2. Oh, wow! It sounds like you guys are being hit hard by the sickies! 🙁 I bet you’re run down! It’s hard to take care of ourselves and sick kids and, well, everything else. We’re still fighting colds here…at least I am. I woke up with a slight sore throat. ::sigh:: Usually it’s October we’re sick with colds, but I guess it’s November this year! I hope you’re all better very, very soon!

  3. JoAnn says:

    Glad that she is starting to feel better. I’ve been dealing with a cold off and on too. Hubby keeps telling me to rest, which I’m trying to do now. I finished all my shopping today, so that is nice. I should clean the house tomorrow, we’ll see if I have the energy for that.

    Thanks for the info about the pedometer, I’ll look to find myself a better one after Thanksgiving.

  4. Annie Kate says:

    Erin, I think I’ll post about our reading week today. I’m really looking forward to it!

    Yes, Jessie, it feels like we’re being hit hard, but I’m so thankful that we don’t have the worry that used to accompany pneumonia and even serious colds. These things are no longer life-threatening. Although we try to avoid antibiotics completely, I can see the good they do for pneumonia.

    I hope both you and JoAnn get well and strong this week.

  5. Jenn says:

    First, I am so sorry to hear of all the illness going around your home. Grace has a cold and I am watching for others to get it as she sneezes a lot without covering even with repeated reminders! I am certain that you all learned quite a lot this week without the formal studies. I really love the idea of a reading week. I need to figure out when it would work best, maybe the week after Christmas? I envision us all curled up on the couch with a book, a fire and hot cocoa all day!

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