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Review: Type Write Touch Typing and Typing Practice Pages

TypeWrite Touch Typing

Besides basic reading, writing, and arithmetic, one of the most useful skills your children can learn is typing or keyboarding.  If they learn this skill well, they will benefit for the rest of their lives.

The program we are currently using is better than any other one we’ve used.  Type Write Touch Typing covers the entire alphabet and punctuation symbols systematically in half a year…. Our other typing programs required me to determine what each child would type each day, to ensure that review happened, and to monitor lesson length.  But Type Write Touch Typing has daily assignments that include review and that take 5-15 minutes….

Read the complete review of Type Write Touch Typing  and its companion Typing Practice Pages at The Curriculum Choice.

Disclosure:  We received a copy of this curriculum from Gentle Shepherd in order to write a review.  No compensation was received and we have expressed our honest opinions.

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  1. JoAnn says:

    That was one of the first things we taught our children too. We never wanted them to do the ‘peck and hunt’ thing. 🙂

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