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Sharing a Weekly Blessing: Sermon Links

It took me just a few clicks of the mouse on my elderly friend’s computer and then he discovered the treasure he had been longing for.  He sat back with his gentle smile spread full across his face and said to his wife in a voice of deep satisfaction, “The Lord will provide.  In his own good time.”

What was it that gave this dear couple so much joy?

Sermon links.  Just simple audio sermon links.

When one is old and travel is difficult one misses so much that the rest of us take for granted, and attending their own church is what this couple missed.

So when he heard the beginning of a sermon, my friend was overjoyed.  “The Lord will provide.  In his own good time.”

For me it was an awe-inspiring moment, witnessing what was so obviously an answer to prayer and great longing.

Later it occurred to me that some of you, my dear readers, may also share this longing.  In that spirit I share the same sermon links with you.  Just to clarify, there are usually two sermons a week, one based on a Bible passage and the other based on the 450-year old Heidelberg Catechism. The latter are lessons on different aspects of the gospel. They follow the catechism’s theme that our only comfort in life and death is that we belong to Jesus, and that we can understand what that means by exploring how great our sins actually are, how we were saved from them, and how to be thankful for that salvation.

Of course, if you have a Bible-believing church you ought to be there on Sundays if at all possible, but if you have no access to godly preaching, I pray that these sermons will bless you.

And please, please always remember:  You can and should read the Bible on your own regularly, too, whether or not you have a church home where God is honored and his Word is preached.  If this is a struggle for you, here are some tips to make Bible reading easier.

May God bless us all and keep us close to him.  May God bless all his faithful pastors throughout the world, and may he encourage those who feed their congregations spiritual junk food to do better.  Especially, may he provide real spiritual food for those whose pastors are not feeding them at all.


  1. That is a really moving story. It is so easy to take the privilege of hearing God’s Word preached for granted.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Yes, you are right. It is so easy to take that incredible privilege for granted.

  2. Jenn says:

    So sweet that you could help a friend. I am blessed to be part of a great Bible teaching church and when I cannot go, they have services online.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      That is wonderful, Jenn. Modern technology can be so helpful! May God bless your church and keep it close to the Bible.

  3. Aritha says:

    Wat mooi en ontroerend om te lezen!

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Ja, he? Soms vinden wij het kerkgaan zo gewoon, maar het is echt een wonder.

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