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Lily Lapp Books Free and on Sale

The enchanting Lily Lapp books are on sale this week.   My little girls LOVE them and read them over and over.  These funny, real-life, wholesome stories are for ages 8-13 and appeal to both girls and younger boys 8-11. Life with Lily is free on Kindle from today to the 25th, and the next 3 volumes are […]

Review: A Surprise for Lily by Kinsinger and Fisher

Each of the Lily Lapp books has been better than the previous one, and this is no exception.  I read it in one evening, resting on the couch in front of the fire, enjoying a book as cozy as my surroundings. Lily Lapp, now eleven years old, is growing up.  She still gets into trouble, […]

Review: A Big Year for Lily by Kinsinger and Fisher

Delightful Lily Lapp is back in a third book, A Big Year for Lily.  Lily, an Amish girl, is growing older, and so are her classmates.  Effie Kaufman still causes her endless grief, Aaron Yoder sometimes actually seems nice, and cousin Hannah has chosen the worst boy in the school to admire.  Teacher Rhoda is […]

Review: A New Home for Lily by Kinsinger and Fisher

Lily Lapp has moved to Pennsylvania, to a new Amish community.  So much is different:  the kitchen with its orange counters, the school girls, the church, her little bed in the hall.  The house is ugly; the ideas are different; and Lily longs for her old life in New York. But it gets better.  Father […]

Review: Life with Lily by Kinsinger and Fisher

  Little Lily Lapp is Amish, and that colors her whole life.  Even so, she is like any other little girl, loving her doll, learning to be friends, enjoying the family’s animals, facing the new world of school, loving her family.   She’s helpful, gets into trouble, and enjoys the many simple pleasures of childhood in […]