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Reviews: Fiction

Jane Eyre: Thoughts and Quotations

You’ve probably heard the story.  Orphan Jane, mistreated as a charity case, courted as a governess, tempted to become a missionary, narrates.   She tells of rugged Mr. Rochester, dear little Adele, sweet Diana and Mary, cold St. John and, above all, herself, a meek but intense person, easily overpowered, capable of revolt when pressed too […]

Review: Journey Through the Night by Anne de Vries

When I started to read Journey Through the Night to my youngest daughters, they expected to be bored.  However, by the third paragraph one of them jumped up.  “What!  John does judo?”  The other one was interested by the next page.  As the story moved on, they begged for chapter after chapter.  Once, when I […]

Review: Another Way Home by Deborah Raney

Danae had only one wish these days. She wanted a baby, and that desperate desire colored her whole life, straining her marriage and her relationship with her sisters, her family, and God. The infertility treatments weren’t working, not even after three long years. On top of that, her husband Dallas refused to consider adoption, because […]

Review: Leota’s Garden by Francine Rivers

Leota, old and poor, is no longer able to work in her garden.  Actually, she can do very little of anything, and her life is so sad and empty that she asks God to call her home.  Instead, he sends her Corban, an arrogant university student who helps her in exchange for information, and Annie, […]

Review: Flight School by Jason McIntire (Giveaway)

It’s the summer after high school for best friends Ben and Chris, and they are heading in different directions. Chris is determined to become a Christian movie director and, with a new friend from the Future Filmmakers Academy, he involves the entire Riviera-Sparrow household in the project. Jessie discovers she can write great scripts, Katie […]

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