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God’s Wonderful World

Spring Thaw: View from our Window



This year we’ve had some real winter weather, and it’s not even Christmas yet! So many wintery things have been happening: We had a snowstorm that prevented local school busses from running…and, yes, our kids still had to do schoolwork. Wind chills have reached -39. On the coldest morning, our metal front door had shrunk so […]

Because of Creation, Nature Study Makes Sense

Nature study is an essential part of our life and homeschool.  Even when we lived surrounded by pavement, we found spots of green beauty within walking distance—although sometimes it was a long walk.  Nowadays we live in a small paradise, with woods, wetlands, farmland, birds, mammals, insects, our garden, and more. As I stood among […]

Review: Mathematics: Is God Silent? by James Nickel

  Here’s an essential question for all homeschoolers:  does God have anything to say about mathematics?  Is there a Christian way to teach math, or is it a neutral subject on which an atheist and a believer would agree? In 357 thoroughly-researched pages, James Nickel shows that those who do not believe in God eventually […]

Sale on Classical Astronomy Curriculum and Book

Do you want to understand the night sky the way it was understood hundreds or even thousands of years ago?  Do you want to know how to tell time and direction, seasons and solstices just by looking up?  Resources about such fascinating aspects of classical astronomy can be difficult to find. Here’s good news, though.  […]