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God’s Wonderful World

Slowing Down

This has been a year of thinking fast, working fast, and reading fast…and even of feeling fast and praying fast.  Although the first three can be positive, the last two most certainly are not. Therefore, I’m slowing down this summer.  I’m not making a huge list of things for us to accomplish.  We’re having minimal […]

Uh Oh! Bear Tracks!

In one of his wanderings through the fields near our home, Mr. 19 took this picture. We knew that bears come around every year or two, but I had never seen any tracks before! Our children are used to running around freely outside and in the woods, but we have had to add a few bear safety […]

Ascension Day

Today is Ascension Day and we focus on our Lord Jesus’ ascent into heaven.  With that comes a focus on his return also.  When and how will that happen?  We do not know.  But this we do know: This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same […]

Spring Thaw: View from our Window



This year we’ve had some real winter weather, and it’s not even Christmas yet! So many wintery things have been happening: We had a snowstorm that prevented local school busses from running…and, yes, our kids still had to do schoolwork. Wind chills have reached -39. On the coldest morning, our metal front door had shrunk so […]

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