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God’s Wonderful World

A Snowy World

Fluffy balls of snow drifting down relentlessly, exploding softly on our faces…. We don’t have a lot of snow like some of you do, but we are enjoying what we do have…except for the shovelling and the driving. And while it is coming down, before it means work and danger, it is so beautiful and makes […]

Ladybug Infestation

This is outside.  Mr. 19 vacuumed up hundreds of ladybugs inside the house, too.  It seemed as though they were just appearing out of thin air! They are beautiful, but when (not if) they get squashed in a door, they leave bright orange stains and a terrible smell.  They also fly about and get tangled […]

Frost Pictures

Last night we had the winter’s first frost, late but severe.  We had picked all we could and covered most other things, except the raspberries.

Slowing Down

This has been a year of thinking fast, working fast, and reading fast…and even of feeling fast and praying fast.  Although the first three can be positive, the last two most certainly are not. Therefore, I’m slowing down this summer.  I’m not making a huge list of things for us to accomplish.  We’re having minimal […]

Uh Oh! Bear Tracks!

In one of his wanderings through the fields near our home, Mr. 19 took this picture. We knew that bears come around every year or two, but I had never seen any tracks before! Our children are used to running around freely outside and in the woods, but we have had to add a few bear safety […]

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