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Review: Athanasius by Simonetta Carr

Athanasius devoted his life to explaining and defending who Jesus is: true God and true man.  In her book Athanasius, Simonetta Carr shows, however, that this hero of the faith was no otherworldly saint sitting safely in an ivory tower.  In fact he lived a life more exciting than most of us could imagine. Born around […]

Review: Lady Jane Grey by Simonetta Carr

It is fitting to begin the year with the inspiring story of a teen girl, crowned against her wish, who was true to her faith until death.  Little Lady Jane Grey, born into the upper nobility of England in 1537 and raised as a princess, was a brilliant young scholar who learned many languages.  She […]

Review: Augustine of Hippo by Simonetta Carr

Most Christians have heard of Augustine, but who was he really?  In Augustine of Hippo, Simonetta Carr tells his story for children, outlining the life of this great man simply but with much detail and many illustrations. Beginning with his childhood, Simonetta tells us the story of Augustine and the times in which he lived.  […]

Review: Luther by Those Who Knew Him by E. R. Charles

This devotional and encouraging book presents Luther and his ideas through the eyes of various members of a family that knew him.  From Fritz, a monk who travelled to Rome with him, and Else, who struggled with not being religious enough because she was not a nun, to Eva, a nun who rejoiced to share […]

Review: Trunk of Scrolls by Darlene Bocek

While there are many novels about Reformation times, and many church history biographies throughout the ages, we have come across very little fiction about early church history and even less about the creeds.  However, Darlene Bocek’s novel Trunk of Scrolls  covers the time after 526 AD, after the council of Chalcedon and during the continuing […]

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