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Review: Peter Martyr Vermigli by Simonetta Carr

This Easter weekend I am grateful to tell you about Peter Martyr Vermigli, a man who devoted his life to helping others understand the meaning and significance of the gospel. Some church history figures are famous and others have names we recognize, but Peter Martyr Vermigli, well, I had never heard of him.  And I am […]

Review: Jonathan Edwards by Simonetta Carr

When many ideas about God, life, and the world were being questioned seriously for the first time in centuries, Jonathan Edwards grappled with them, both in his life and his teaching. His answers to these questions greatly influenced the age he lived in and have also left a mark on the way we think today.  In […]

Review: John Owen by Simonetta Carr

The English civil war was a complicated time of tragic events and fascinating historical figures.  One of the most peaceful and appealing of these historical figures was John Owen, a brilliant Puritan theologian who was respected by both kings and commoners.  He was beloved because of his godliness, kindness, and great wisdom. In this book […]

Review: Anselm of Canterbury by Simonetta Carr

Anselm, born just south of the Alps in 1033, was a studious lad who loved the Lord.  He wanted to become a monk, but his father had other plans for him.  Even when his youthful prayers to become ill were answered, the abbot refused to take him against his father’s wishes. Eventually Anselm left home, […]

Review: John Calvin by Simonetta Carr

Both admired and vilified, and arguably one of the greatest men in the history of Christianity, John Calvin comes to life in this beautiful biography for children. Calvin was born in northern France and studied hard from a young age.  He was able to attend the best schools in the country and read widely, also […]

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