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Review: John Owen by Simonetta Carr

John Owen teaching his catechism to a family of parishioners

John Owen teaching his catechism to a family of parishioners

The English civil war was a complicated time of tragic events and fascinating historical figures.  One of the most peaceful and appealing of these historical figures was John Owen, a brilliant Puritan theologian who was respected by both kings and commoners.  He was beloved because of his godliness, kindness, and great wisdom.

In this book Simonetta Carr tells the story of John Owen’s life and times in simple terms and with beautiful illustrations.  As a student, John was brilliant, athletic, musical, and too full of life to sleep more than four hours a night.  He graduated during the Civil War, uncertain of his salvation but convinced that the Parliament was right.  Once convinced of his salvation, John Owen became a dedicated and enthusiastic pastor, even writing catechisms for his parishioners who were confused by all the recent religious changes.   Throughout his eventful life, John continued to serve God and his people in many exciting ways.

Besides the delightful biography and illustrations, John Owen contains a timeline, a modern version of Owen’s Lesser Catechism, and a list of interesting facts about his times.  With this beautiful book both children and adults can enjoy learning about the great and godly man who was John Owen.

John Owen would be a valuable part of any study of great Christians, the English Civil War, or the Puritans. I highly recommend it.

For more information, a preview,  and a free study guide, visit the Christian Biographies for Young Readers website.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Simonetta Carr for the purpose of this review.

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