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Review: The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good by Greer and Haggard

Doing good is good, right?  Then why is it that only one in three biblical leaders finished well, without abusing power or harming themselves or others?  And the numbers are worse today. Leader of a Christian microfinance company, Peter Greer wrote this book to help those who serve, especially leaders, see the dangers that come […]

Review: The Emerging Entrepreneur by Leanne Seel

What one thing can your teens do that will earn them some money, teach them a wide variety of skills, allow them to follow their interests, and greatly enhance their resumes?   They can set up their own business. Leanne Seel, a homeschooling mom, accountant, and long-time entrepreneur, has prepared an e-course to help them: The […]

Free From Gregg Harris: The Family Business Workshop

Does your family want a Christian outlook on business?  Are your kids budding entrepreneurs?  Are you looking for background information for a business course for your teens? Well, here’s a valuable freebie, The Family Business Workshop, from a homeschooling family whose children have excelled in many ways. I’ve just downloaded it and have not yet […]

Review: Overcoming Social Anxiety by JoJo Tabares

Everyone is anxious in some social situations, and some people are anxious in all of them.  Such social anxiety has nothing to do with being homeschooled, but much to do with both personality and lack of communication skills. According to author JoJo Tabares, a communication expert who used to be painfully shy, “Shyness isn’t part of my personality, […]

Review: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

  One day when I was feeling sick but couldn’t sleep anymore, I was looking for some light fiction to while away the time. Instead, I picked up The Tipping Point which turned out to be more absorbing than any work of fiction. Little things can make a big difference, bigger than you ever imagined.  […]

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