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Thoughts on Movies

Occasionally, I bump into a quote that won’t leave me alone.  In Omnibus 5, tucked in between deep thoughts about Augustine’s The City of God, was this one: Our culture encourages us to feed our desires and not to learn how to control them.  There are many instances of this in popular culture.  Films like The […]

Wordless Wednesday: My Favorite Movie


Review: Math on DVD Calculus 1 by Steven Gottlieb

Last winter I reviewed Math on DVD Pre-Calculus by Steven Gottlieb.  Since then my son has been learning calculus, and it has not been easy.  However, his frustrating experience has often been soothed by a session with Math on DVD Calculus 1.  As a physicist I’ve worked with calculus for many years, but I do […]

Review: The Way Things Work, Animated

For years we, like many homeschoolers, have enjoyed David Macaulay’s book The Way Things Work.   Recently we discovered that portions of this book have been animated! The movies give you both the science and the big woolly mammoths of the book. Originally produced for the BBC, this set of 26 videos, each 13 minutes long, […]

Review: Math On DVD Pre-Calculus by Steven Gottlieb

There’s always a lot to learning math.  New ideas.  Funny symbols. Last year’s concepts, almost forgotten, but suddenly important again. And, above all, radically new ways of thinking, especially for high school math.  Because it takes many exposures to these new ideas to really understand them, your teens will benefit from supplementary math resources no […]

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