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Review: WordUp!

Sometimes we moms need to introduce something new and different into our homeschool days. This fall is like that for us, and one of the new things we’re trying is Word Up, a vocabulary program from Compass Classroom. Usually we do not use vocabulary programs, relying instead on enormous amounts of reading to increase our […]

Review: Greek Alphabetarion and Hupogrammon by Harvey Bluedorn

Our family has studied Greek in the past, but there’s something about learning a different alphabet that makes it very difficult for younger students.  What we really needed was a Greek phonics book—rather than a curriculum that covers the entire alphabet in two weeks—and a copybook to practice writing the letters. Well, Harvey Bluedorn, long-time […]

Review: The Kids Can Press French and English Word Book

My goal for elementary school French is to have the children spend about 10 minutes a day, every school day, exposed to spoken French.  I want them to become familiar with vocabulary, the sound of the language, and some of its sentence structures. Most of all, I want them to enjoy it and feel a […]

Review: The Kids Can Press French and English Phrase Book

Welcome to the cheerful world of Rose and Jordan who celebrate Grandma’s birthday, go to school, shop, visit cousins, build a sand castle, enjoy a farm, and finally fall asleep…in French and English. Each two page spread in this beautiful 40-page book covers one activity, giving French phrases with English translation underneath them.  By the end […]

Review: Science Roots by Nancy Paula Hasseler

When your teens begin to study biology, they are suddenly faced with an overwhelming amount of vocabulary to learn.  Many modules in our teens’ biology course contain dozens of new words and that is what makes biology so difficult.  In Science Roots: Latin and Greek Roots for Biology and Life Science, Nancy Hasseler has provided […]

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