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Table of Genders of French Nouns from French Three Years

One of the tricky things about learning French is learning the gender of the nouns.  This is important because several words in a sentence can depend on a noun’s gender, and if you get that wrong, much of the sentence is wrong. Traditionally, you just learn which nouns are masculine and feminine as you learn […]

Review: The Avion My Uncle Flew by Cyrus Fisher

Every once in a while it still happens: I discover a ‘new’ old book that absolutely delights me.  The Avion My Uncle Flew, a 1947 Newbery Honor book, was the latest.  Charming, complex, beautifully written, exciting, uplifting, and funny, it tells the story of Johnny Littlehorn, an injured American boy who unwillingly spends the summer […]

Review: The Kids Can Press French and English Word Book

My goal for elementary school French is to have the children spend about 10 minutes a day, every school day, exposed to spoken French.  I want them to become familiar with vocabulary, the sound of the language, and some of its sentence structures. Most of all, I want them to enjoy it and feel a […]

Review: The Kids Can Press French and English Phrase Book

Welcome to the cheerful world of Rose and Jordan who celebrate Grandma’s birthday, go to school, shop, visit cousins, build a sand castle, enjoy a farm, and finally fall asleep…in French and English. Each two page spread in this beautiful 40-page book covers one activity, giving French phrases with English translation underneath them.  By the end […]

Curriculum Choice Review: French is Fun

In grade 7, after years of low-key, informal French, our children start French is Fun 1.  This inexpensive textbook from AMSCO works well for us, helping the children consolidate all their earlier knowledge and extending it dramatically…. To read the rest of this review please visit  Curriculum Choice.