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Fit Mommy Friday


My goals for this crazy week were:

Get a better pedometer:  No, that was just one more thing to do, so I didn’t do it.  For now, I just wear both pedometers and average the readings.  (Yes, I know.  It’s silly.  But it works.)  Even though we’ve been under the weather this week, I’m averaging around 9000 steps a day.

Fit the physiotherapist’s exercises into my life: No, I’ve been too busy living.  When Miss 10 waters the chickens while I’m in the shower, though, I exercise to warm up until the water turns on again.  Hmm.  I suppose that is fitting them into my life!  I also weeded, did groceries (and they were heavy this week), and vacuumed our small foyer and stairs.  I also tried to vacuum the window ledges and carpet in our verandah, but that was too much. Usually I can just work at the computer when I need a rest, but that time I actually had to lie down on the couch to recover.

Eat no sweets:  I did alright here.  Well, except for those yummy wild blackberries last Friday, and three gulps of Miss 7’s orange crush that made me feel terrible, and a peach that made me feel even worse.  We now have 6 baskets of peaches in the house, and though I plan to preserve them, I’m not going to be eating any of them.  And I also ate some sugary scones that Miss 12 and her friends made, but the sugar was only on top.  And, now that I think of it, I did take a bite of chocolate cake as well.  And a nibble of other baking…. Hmm!  Maybe I didn’t do so well after all.

Enjoy an afternoon nap:  Absolutely, but between happy children and happy puppies, it’s noisy around here so the naps tend to be short.  One day, I had a vivid dream about lice that still haunts me.  It’s OK, though; Miss 17 checked and there are no lice crawling through my hair.  What’s worse, though, is that I. feel. so. behind.  It’s hard to relax and be peaceful when there’s a pile of schoolwork to mark, a garden ripening, a review that just won’t come together no matter how much time I spend on it, mounds of laundry, and a desk that looks like a zoo, to say nothing of us all feeling tired, sick, and headachy.

My goals for next week, however, are simple:  Walk about 10,000 steps a day, do the physiotherapist’s exercises every day, avoid sweets and eat more yoghurt, catch up enough to be able to relax, and get over this bug.

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  1. Jenne says:

    Have you found a good pedometer? I have been looking for one and haven’t found one I liked.

    Thank you

  2. Annie Kate says:

    No, I haven’t. Their sensitivity really seems to vary. I also find that the fit of my clothes affects the readings. That’s why I’m content, for now, to just wear both inexpensive ones that I have, and average their readings. They can be wildly different some days, and other days their readings are almost the same. Very strange!

    Annie Kate

  3. sevensmiths says:

    Sweets can really be hard to keep away from when we have children or go out, can’t they? I could do pretty well without sweets if they weren’t in the house but when they are I do sometimes eat them. I think I ate 3 Whole Wheat Fig Newtons, 3 chocolate chip-orange slice cookies my mother sent me, quite a few chocolate chips and two bowls of ice cream in the past week. It does add up, doesn’t it? I also ate fruit, but I am able to tolerate fruit.

    You have some good, specific goals for next week; keep it up! You’re doing great! 🙂

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Yes, sweets are very tempting. Often I can get by with smelling them but occasionally I’ll take a bite.

      But when I’m feeling lousy, they’re not tempting at all, which is convenient. 🙂

      Annie Kate

  4. LarabaK says:

    I am definitely not a “one bite” person…if I have one bite of something tasty, it sets up a whirlwind of desire in my body and mind. Since I’m borderline diabetic, I’ve learned to just cut out a bunch of stuff from my diet — no ice cream, cake, cookies, doughnuts, etc. Thankfully, I am able to eat homemade yogurt with blueberries or blackberries, plus I really like my low carb bread with natural peanut butter. Neither does awful things to my blood sugars. It is not easy to have a restricted diet in a home where everyone else eats “more normally” but I’m enjoying the peace of mind that my blood sugars are stable, and I FEEL better too. (I do kind of hope, though, that Heaven will have apple fritters. I LOVE apple fritters!)

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Good for you! You’re managing your blood sugars well. And, yes, I hope Heaven has some of my forbidden foods as well, but my daughters are working hard to develop recipes for some of them here on earth! 🙂 They are wonderful girls.

      Annie Kate

  5. Denise says:

    Even if you didn’t exactly meet your goals, it sounds to me like you did a great job anyway! Just don’t overdo things, dear. 🙂 We love and NEED you!!!!

    I love what you said about the pedometer; hey–whatever works! 🙂 I recently received a free pedometer from Nature Made Vitamins. They were offering it for free on their website awhile back. You might want to check to see if it’s still available. Granted, it did take a few weeks to get here (in fact, I totally forgot about it until it arrived!). But it works okay. Nothing fancy, of course. But like I said–whatever works!

    Get some rest, no matter how hard it is. See you Friday! 🙂

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Thanks , Denise. The pedometer is no longer available, but for now, I’m averaging quite well. 😉

      And, yes, I’ve gotten some rest.

      Annie Kate

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