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Online Science Articles by Margaret Helder

When I was growing up, our family regularly read science articles by Dr. Margaret Helder in Reformed Perspective, a Christian magazine we subscribed to (now online here).  I learned a lot then—facts and ideas as well as the basic concept that it was possible to be a Christian in science—and went on to become a scientist myself.  (Since then I’ve taken a 20+ year leave to raise and educate our five children, but that is a different story.)  Recently I started wondering if any of those articles I enjoyed so long ago are available online.

And, yes, some of them are!  I also found many others by Dr. Helder.

If you are looking for some interesting science reading, whether for homeschool or general interest, you are in for a treat.  Dr. Helder often writes about the latest scientific discoveries and some of the excitement of newness is still in the older articles, too.  Always there is awe and amazement at how God’s beautiful world functions.  Sometimes one senses a valiant knight, fighting for the glory of her King.  And, in each article, there is something real and valuable to learn about the world God has made.

Below I list the sources I could find of Margaret Helder’s online articles, in no particular order.  Most of these science articles are suitable for teens and adults, although some of them will interest even middle schoolers.  They would be perfect to accompany middle and high school science courses.

Reading about science while formally studying it, a concept I learned from Ambleside Online and recommend highly, is a required part of our homeschool and is listed as a science project in our high school records.  As I slowly make my way through all the articles listed below, I will be getting my girls to read some of them.

So, here they are.

Some of Dr. Helder’s articles from Reformed Perspective  are listed here and apparently more are being added, slowly, so eventually this link will lead to dozens of articles.

Dr. Helder has also written regularly for Creation Ministries International, and you can find more than 30 articles on the CMI website.  This link list also includes a mini-biography from 1994.

Answers in Genesis also has a handful of Dr. Helder’s articles on their AIG website.

The Creation Science Association of Alberta website features Dr. Helder’s writing, but it is more difficult to find her articles in their magazine, Dialogue which does not seem to be searchable by author.  Here’s an interesting one from Dialogue about the 2017 Nobel prize about biological clocks, “Celebrating Rhythm!”  Apparently many of the unsigned articles in Dialogue, as well as the ones for younger students written by ‘Moxie,’ are also by Dr. Helder.  Here are four examples:  Eye-Deal Example of Design, Monarch Butterflies, Cleaning Up in Ponds, and Cold Light, Cold Courtship.

The blog Creation without Compromise has also been reprinting some of Dr. Helder’s best articles.

And finally, this thoughtful article on the Institute for Creation Research website is an eye-opening look at how empirical data is viewed nowadays in theory-driven fields, something most non-scientists would never suspect.

Added summer 2020:  Dr. Helder has recently published a few somewhat more technical articles  in Creation Evolution Headlines.  Topics include botany, fossils, and marine biology.

Dr. Margaret Helder

Why suddenly such an unusual resource list on Tea Time with Annie Kate?  Well, I’ve had the unique privilege writing a review, published at The Curriculum Choice, of Dr. Helder’s latest book, No Christian Silence on Science. While I was pondering that review, it occurred to me that links to all of Dr. Helder’s online science articles should be available in one spot to bless Christians everywhere.  So, here they are.  Enjoy!

May God bless all who read them as well as the dedicated scientist who wrote them.

If I missed any article sources, please let me know and I will add them to this list.

Note:  I did notice some duplication of articles at different sources.

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Disclosure:  I am not compensated for compiling this list or recommending Margaret Helder’s writing to you.

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