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Free Virtual Field Trips

For some of us, being at home is not a big deal—some of us even prefer it. If, however, you and your kids are used to being out and about, being at home can be a difficult thing to manage cheerfully.

However you and your family react to the home-based life, a field trip is always a welcome treat. Here are some great virtual field trips for you to enjoy…and they are educational, too.

The last two days I’ve been taking my breaks at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, enjoying their ‘story’ tours and discussions, remembering the happy days years ago when I visited with three small children. A vast number of other galleries can be visited via this link. (As always, some artwork may not be suitable for children.)

In my blog post, “Visit the Sistine Chapel Virtually”, I give links to a self-directed virtual tour as well as to other online resources to enjoy Michelangelo’s famous masterpiece.

Or, if you wish to explore the history of science, visiting the home of James Clerk Maxwell, one of the greatest physicists who ever lived, is a real treat. Each room can be explored by clicking on artifacts and the pictures on the wall. I was especially fascinated by all the portraits in the stairwell, with accompanying mini-biographies, but there is so much more. (To access all parts of the museum easily, click on the awning on the bottom left of the screen; otherwise it can be easy to miss large sections.)

The Berlin Philharmonic is offering a free voucher to their digital concert hall that features concerts, educational films, and more. Redeem by March 31.

Or, if you like opera, the Metropolitan Opera is offering a different streamed opera every day according to this schedule.

Recently I wrote about a thought-provoking apologetics conference, “Is Modern Science Making Atheism Improbable?” giving annotated links to each of the talks and panel discussions.

If you know of any other great virtual field trips, please let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Miss 22 for some of these links.

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