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Fit Mommy. Me?!?


OK, so this was not a very fit week. 


Food:  Not enough veggies.  At all.  I’m sure craving lemon juice is a bad sign, especially if I’m not a craving kind of girl.   The other day I also wolfed down all the romaine ribs I could get my hands on, and I’m tempted to drive 20 minutes each way just to pick up 5 more heads of romaine.  Perhaps my dear husband can do that on his way home from work.


Exercise:  I stretched wonderfully for a few days, and then took a few days off because I was tired and felt sick and had too much to do.  I went for a few walks, but not enough.  Today I’m determined go for a walk, whether I get my boxes of books ready for the used curriculum sale or not.


Back to Normal Life: 

  • Friday afternoon I signed up to collect for the Canadian Cancer Society in April.  This is the first big volunteer thing I’ve taken on in years, and I’m so thankful it seems possible.
  • Friday night I went out to a birthday party.  Yes, I did!  And it was so much fun!  I took along a bag of gluten-free rice chips to eat and discovered that a gluten-free lifestyle requires a very large purse.  Smile.
  • Saturday morning I rested until it was time to go to a wedding reception brunch.  The chef put together gluten-free food for me, and it was wonderful to be there.
  • Since the weekend, I’ve been rather tired, probably from having overdone it.  However, none of my dear family members said, "I told you so."  Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.


Fit Mommy Goals for the Next Week:

More veggies.  More stretching, but only once a day.  Shorter walks, but more of them.  More rest. 


For fitness inspiration, visit Got Chai? to see what the other Fit Mommies have been up to.


Wishing you a healthy day…and week…and life.


Annie Kate


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  1. Tracy says:

    I'm so glad you had a good time at the reception. How nice it is to sit down a 'food' event and have something yummy that you can eat! My youngest has recently outgrown allergies to wheat and corn so I know all about needing a big purse! lol!

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