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Fit Mommy Friday


Boy, did I fall off the Fit Mommy  exercise bandwagon these last seven days!  Between company, schoolwork, our neighbour’s manure spreading, and a day of snow (!!) I did not get outside much and did no formal exercise.  However, I needed to go to the distant garden and the fire pit many times, and that was a lot of walking.  I also scrubbed the shower stall and discovered that still takes too much effort.


As far as food is concerned, we ate well this week, including, yesterday, a salad containing four kinds of fresh home-grown produce.  It took my family a while to find out what the all home-grown ingredients were:  parsley, green onions, Jerusalem artichokes, and…sprouted buckwheat seeds!  They were very tasty when combined with more conventional salad vegetables.  This week we also had two different kinds of bean soups, various breads, and many cooked vegetables.  And one morning we had coffee cake with whipping cream for breakfast. Yum!  But maybe not totally healthy.


I’ve been resting every afternoon as usual.   It’s such a joy to be able to take a nap and awaken refreshed and ready for the rest of the day.  I am grateful for that luxury.  I’m also still enjoying the invigorating but sedentary challenge of reviewing.


In many ways I’ve been able to get back to normal life.  In fact, most mornings I can do almost everything my sedentary friends do, although I cannot keep up with my active friends!  I also managed to attend both Sunday church services two weeks in a row, with lots of rest in between the services.  This is so wonderful. 


Next week’s plans include being more deliberate about exercise.  As for food, my friend Carmen reminded me of the joys of wild vegetables, and we’ll be eating some more of them.   As my review year with the TOS Crew is winding down, I’m also trying to figure out what my next relaxing ‘hobby’ will be.  It needs to be something that is not physically taxing—no hiking, canoeing, or horseback riding with the children.  Any ideas?



  1. LarabaK says:

    You've been such an encouragement to me about respecting where you are at healthwise while also striving for improvement. I am struggling healthwise now though for a very good reason (new pregnancy) and I keep remembering your advice about resting and letting things go as needed. It is so hard for me!

    I haven't posted yet re pregnancy on my blog so please don't mention it in a comment.

    Thanks, Laraba

  2. CherylHendersonKhalid says:

    I can relate to all the "relaxing" hobbies I took up last year that are wearing me out this year! I envy you your afternoon naps, but I 'may have to incorporate one just to keep myself sane.

    Thank you for the link to wild vegetables. I'm working hard to be more organically aware for myself and my family so this information will be adding to my store of knowledge.

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