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Review: Beyond Opinion by Ravi Zacharias, Ed.


Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend is an insightful collection of essays by  editor Ravi Zacharias and other apologists.  Many of the  essays focus on problems different nonChristian groups have with Christianity and on how to understand such nonChristians well enough to guide them to the Truth.  Topics include postmodernism, Islam, Eastern religions, science, philosophy, and more.  Later in the book, vital but often-forgotten truths about Christianity are presented to modern evangelicals.

I was moved by the unique mixture of uncompromising clarity and godly gentleness exhibited in this book.  Throughout, the issue is not to score intellectual points, but to understand God’s truth, both for ourselves and for others.  That being said, I now understand our culture much better than before, and I also have a small inkling of the significance of God’s holiness, of the Trinity, and of the complexity of human denial of truth.  

This book has been very challenging to read, and I will need to reread and study it.  It is, however, one of the very few books worthy of huge effort.  I highly recommend it.   It would be especially good for serious book study clubs, evangelism classes, and college courses so that the reader would be able to discuss difficult or questionable points with others.  I am planning to have my teens study parts of it for their grade 12 Bible and apologetics course.

Disclosure:  As a BookSneeze reviewer, I received Beyond Opinion for free from Thomas Nelson.

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