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Crazy Wind Storm

Yesterday we had a crazy wind storm.    I was shopping when it began, and on the way home I almost lost control of our van two times due to enormous gusts of wind.

When I got home and parked the van, a gust of wind grabbed the driver’s side mirror and turned it completely around!  Shingles were flying from the roof, a dead tree had been knocked over,  and everyone was excited.  Of course, we had no power.

For us, no power means no water, and only limited septic capacity, as well as no heat and light.  Mr 16 was sent to the creek with a bucket to get water for the toilets–limited flushing only, though. 

My husband got out the camping lantern and bought ice for the fridge from a convenience store that was selling on a cash and calculator basis. 

Of course,  no one could use a computer in the evening, so we read and played cribbage, and I marked schoolwork…. 

It was a day to experience God’s amazing power, His gracious protection, and a simple evening of the past.

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