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Fit Mommy Friday

Dynamic and motivating Denise is no longer able to host Fit Mommy Friday.  I am so grateful to Denise for the past 16 months of encouragement during my journey back to fitness after years of undiagnosed celiac disease.

Denise’s partner, Mrs. White, is taking over with a new meme, Healthy Home Link Up, which will be inspiring in a completely different way.  

For now, I’m staying with my Fit Mommy Goals, but as time goes on, I may change the format to reflect the new meme.  Here’s how I did with this week’s goals, despite a cold.

Go for a walk at least once a day…Yes, most days

Do calisthenics at least 3 times a weekNo.  Instead I did light yard work as well as cleaning and dejunking.  That way I got exercise while doing necessary work.

Avoid sugar six days a weekYes.  When I have a cold, sugar holds almost no appeal at all.  Funny, isn’t it?

 Eat lots of vegetables and yoghurt.  Drink kefir. Yes to the vegetables and yoghurt, no to the kefir.  Even yesterday, when 70 km/hr gusts of wind caused a major power outage, leaving us without water to wash fresh veggies, I managed to eat left-over veggies and drink V-8.

Rest daily, and do more fun things with the kids…  Yes, lots of resting, lots of fun, including playing in the creek and a cribbage game by the light of our camping lantern.   Power outages, while leaving us without water, septic, and heat, do have some advantages.

How about you?  Did you exercise, eat well, and relax happily this week?

If you want to participate in the Healthy Home Link Up, please visit Mrs. White at The Legacy of Home.  This meme is a continuation of Fit Mommy Friday, but the emphasis has changed.


  1. Mrs. White says:

    Such lovely thoughts! Your gentle outlook on keeping fit is inspiring to weary mothers!

    So glad to have you link up!!

    Mrs. White

  2. Debbie says:

    Sounds like you had a good week. I am keeping up with the Fit Mommy Friday format for now also. I hope to add a recipe every once in a while… If I get myself organized enough to get it done. 🙂

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