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Fit Mommy Friday


My fitness goals list is getting so long that there’s too much to focus on.  Once all of these goals should become habits, they will get done automatically.  Now, that’s something worth striving for!

Here’s how I did with my long list this week.

Do my eye exercises 3x a day…  These exercises are for myopia, and I’m still slowly working up to doing the full amount of them.  Too many at once make the muscles around my eyes ache! 

Go for a walk at least once a day… We had a very rainy week, so I didn’t walk nearly enough. 

Do calisthenics at least 3 times a weekNo; I was hoping to garden, but because of the rain that didn’t happen either.

Avoid sugar six days a weekMost of the week this was easy, but yesterday we had a party….

Eat lots of vegetables and yoghurtYes, but perhaps not enough vegetables.

Drink lots of waterUsually I do, but with warmer weather it’s easy to forget to drink enough.  Last night at our party, I must have had 6 glasses of Miss 18’s fruit-mix punch, and I felt so much better.  Of course, that involved sugar… .  Sigh!

Rest daily, and do more fun things with the kids…Yes to the resting.  And a small yes to the fun. 

How about you?  Did you exercise, eat well, and relax happily this week?

If you want to participate in the Healthy Home Link Up, please visit Mrs. White at The Legacy of Home.  This meme is a continuation of Fit Mommy Friday, but the emphasis has changed.


  1. ssm says:

    Glad to know there’s someone else avoiding sugar!

  2. Sounds like you had a great week! The last one is the hardest for me (unless I’m at a party, too!) Rest, and more fun kid stuff. I’m hereby resolving to do better!

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