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Here’s what happened this afternoon.

Trampoline on Swing Set

We had a very strong wind that tossed the trampoline about and broke some small trees.  Many of our neighbors lost large ones, though, and two of them just missed houses.

Our Apricot Tree

It was an enormous  thunderstorm with huge sheets of rain, 1/2 inch hail, and branches flying about.

Small Branches are Everywhere

Our outdoor furniture did not fare too well, but nearby an old barn caved in.  We’re thankful we’ve only had minor damage.

So Much for that Table!

I’m a little bit nervous, because another severe thunderstorm is apparently on its way.  It’s so good to know that our heavenly Father is in charge!

And we are so very grateful for the rain!


  1. JoAnn says:

    Oh my. So glad that everyone is ok. I hope the next one just passes you by and you only get the rain. 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    Strong winds! I’m glad you are all safe.

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