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Weekly Wrap Up: Outings and More

In my life this week… This was another activity-filled week, with company, visiting, outings, and lots of good food.

In our homeschool this week… I ordered the school books, finally, after tweaking Miss 12’s plans considerably. We did no formal schooling, but we did learn a lot on our three field trips.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… Don’t dread the approach of school.  Think about the positive side of it.  And if there’s a real reason for you to dread it, solve that problem before you begin.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing

A garlic festival!  I’ve never seen so much garlic in one place in my life…and it was all super-expensive.  My husband is not one to worry about prices, but the thought of paying $3 for one bulb of garlic made him look a bit sick.

The Agriculture Museum, where we fed cows, petted goats and sheep, learned about natural energy, and made ice cream.

The Nature Museum where we visited a whale exhibit (more about that on Monday), looked at some of the amazing rocks God makes, and enjoyed fossils.

Some of my favorite things this week were

  • Roasting marshmallows over an open fire with a friend.
  • Making microwave ‘s mores the next day.
  • A visit from Miss 19.
  • Three outings!
  • Finishing the homeschool book order and finding that new program for Miss 12.
  • Weeding the leeks and eating cucumbers.
  • Eating our own cabbage, tomatoes, and elderberries

Questions/thoughts I have… Same as last week’s question:  how can people be bored?!?

Things I’ve been working on

  • Having fun.
  • Going places.
  • Resting.
  • Keeping up with the garden.
  • Preparing for school.
  • Trying to get the house cleaned up for company.

We’re watching Miss 14 and Mr. 17 are still enjoying Lord of the Rings.

I’m reading… Exodus. I finished Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin and Father Hunger by Wilson, and am about to begin Cradle my Heart by Ketola.  Waiting to be read:  Platform by Michael Hyatt, Children in Church by the Lovelaces, Live to Give by Gutwein, You Shall be Free Indeed by Ganz, A Cry from Egypt by Auer, Growing Great Garlic by Engeland, and a whole stack of other books.

With the kids, we are reading Genesis. We are also reading Man of the Family by Ralph Moody, and listening to an audiobook of Entreleadership when we drive in the car. That is such fun and makes the busy traffic seem less stressful.

When my husband is home for meals, we’re still reading Jeremiah. It’s a long, long book.

I’m grateful for … Going out and staying home.


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  1. Jenn4him says:

    Wow, a busy week for certain! You have some very interesting museums up there. I look forward to hearing more on Monday. Glad you found something for Miss 12. And your advice to someone dreading the start of school is right on. I did not dread this year, even though I am still nervous about high school.

  2. JoAnn says:

    Sounds like a good week. And I like that encouragement about changing what is causing you to dread school before school starts. 🙂

  3. briana says:

    New schoolbooks, yay! I get to order mine this week!

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