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Review: The Passionate Mom by Susan Merrill


Some books need to be read slowly so their ideas can be pondered and applied.  The Passionate Mom: Dare to Parent in Today’s World by Susan Merrill, a unique parenting book that focuses on becoming a godly mom, is like that.

Where can a woman find wise counsel about how to become a godly mom?  In the Bible, of course.  Susan Merrill found her inspiration in the book of Nehemiah, the story of the man who devoted himself to building a wall—with gates—to protect God’s people and his temple.

We need to become godly moms, passionate about raising our children just like Nehemiah was passionate about caring for God’s people. And we need to change to do a good job.  That, I think, is what Susan Merrill, mom of five kids aged 17-22, is getting at.

As a mom of five myself, I can really relate to what Susan says.  I love how she organizes her thoughts and is proactive about what she needs to do, learn, and become to raise her children.  She points to prayer, trust in God, hard work, self-knowledge, and change.  Her entire book is summed up in 10 P’s, perception, pondering, passion, prayer, patience, preparation, purpose, planning, problem solving, and perseverance.  Each of these topics is explained in detail, with personal stories, prayers, helpful lists, and examples.

Even though I have been a mom for over two decades, this book helped me.  It clarified things I had never put into words and reminded me of things I am lazy enough to want to forget.  It also gave hope, encouragement, and practical suggestions.  Over and over she encouraged me to pray, to turn to God, to put diligent effort into raising our children, to take my responsibility seriously.

This is a passionate book, and that is probably why it has a few extreme statements. For example, on due reflection most of us, including the author, would agree that ‘Without a plan you are leaving your child to chance’ is not quite right, because God has a plan even if we don’t.  But we all know what the author is trying to say:  ‘Think carefully and wisely about how you raise your children.’

I got an ebook version of The Passionate Mom to review, but I really wish it had been a physical book that I can write in, fill with post-it note bookmarks, and leave lying around. The book’s website has a downloadable bookmark and poster to remind me of the main ideas, but even so I may yet get a paperback version.

To see if this book could benefit you—and I think it could—check out a sample chapter or visit The Passionate Mom website.

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Disclosure I received a free review copy of this book from Booksneeze in order to share my honest opinions.

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