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Review: The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico

The Snow Goose by Paul GallicoRejected by society because of his hunchback and crippled arm, artist and bird lover Philip Rhayader buys an abandoned lighthouse and a large portion of the desolate marshes of Essex surrounding it.  Here he cares for birds, paints, and sails, all through the 1930’s.  One day a little girl, Fritha, braves her fear of this strange man to bring him an injured Canada goose.

In the summer, the goose flies away and Fritha stays away, too.  When the goose comes back, Philip leaves a message for her with the village postmistress and Fritha returns as well.  Years come and years go, and whenever the goose is there, Fritha comes to visit, but whenever it leaves, the girl stays away.

And then Philip goes to the war-torn beaches of Dunkirk in his little sailboat….

Published in 1940, The Snow Goose became very popular and inspired both films and music.  This edition containing Angela Barrett’s haunting illustrations is a poignant war story that readers of all ages will remember.  For children, teens, and adults.

Thanks to Carol for drawing my attention to this book with her lovely review on Journey and Destination.  Another great review is available on The Children’s War.

This is yet another book in the in the 2014 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge and is also linked to Saturday Reviews, Booknificent Thursdays, Raising HomemakersFinishing Strong , and Trivium Tuesdays as well as the Carnival of Homeschooling and the Charlotte Mason Carnival.

Disclosure: We borrowed this book from the library and I am not compensated for this review in any way.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me of this book. I remembering reading a copy from the local library as a child.

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