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Thank the Lord and Come with Praise

Occasionally something one has worked on for months suddenly and unexpectedly comes together.  I’ve been thinking deeply about Christian education, its ‘why’ and ‘how’ and ‘what’, and things are finally making sense to me, just in time to discuss them with others at a conference.

Full of relief and grateful joy, I can’t help but sing this adaptation of Henry Alford’s beautiful hymn:

Thank the Lord and come with praise;

songs of jubilation raise

when the crop is gathered in

ere the winter storms begin.

God, our Maker, will provide

for our wants to be supplied.

Let his people all confess

his unchanging faithfulness.* (Music:  St. George’s Windsor by George Job Elvey)

So I’m off to continue the work which now seems possible.

Note that I’m not thinking about the ‘where’ of Christian education; for our family and many others homeschooling is best but many thoughtful Christians prefer a day school.

*As published in The Book of Praise.

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