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The Psychology of a Pantry Challenge

We’ve been trying to focus on eating out of our freezers and pantry, and the first week we did quite well.  However, this week I ended up shopping more than I needed to, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the trouble with a pantry challenge is purely psychological. A pantry challenge makes me think […]

Pantry Challenge: Liver and Toilet Paper

We’re one week into our January Pantry Challenge, and we’ve been eating very, very well.  Most days we did as we had planned and pulled the equivalent of a shoe box full of food out of our freezers:  ribs, chicken, sausages, soup stock, frozen veggies, frozen fruit, and even ice cream.  It’s been yummy, although […]

Another Pantry Challenge

So, we have three freezers full of produce, homegrown chicken, and sale meats.  And a pantry full of jams, fruits, and various kinds of pickled vegetables.  And a spare bedroom floor full of butternut squashes and too many pumpkins. Obviously, it’s time to focus on eating all this good stuff.  To empty the freezers by the […]

Three Mega-Projects and a Tiny One

“Son,” I asked when we were working in the garden yesterday, “Why can’t you focus on this job like you do at work?”  Of the various sensible reasons he gave, one stood out.  “I don’t know when I’m done, so there’s not much use doing anything.” And there he had hit the nail on the […]

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