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Weekly Wrap Up: Another Week of Partial School

  In our life this week… This was another week full of extra-curricular work.  We froze mountains of tomatoes and a mountain of chard, and we made another two batches of applesauce.  And we did all of the fall cleaning except washing the windows and going through the homeschooling books (which was a left over […]

Is School Closed for Harvest?

So, here we are, almost a month and a half after beginning our school year.  How has it gone?  Well, we garden…and we understand intimately why pioneer schools were often rather empty during harvest season. Between salsa making, picking squashes, canning applesauce, and more, we have had many fewer full school days than we wished.   […]

Wordless Wednesday: Pickled Vegetables and a Carrot


Wordless Wednesday: Pear Pie, Morning Glories, Squash Harvest


Wordless Wednesday: Fruit Harvest