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Tightwad Tuesday: The Final Post


helping each other be good stewards of all our resources: money, possessions, time, energy, and health  

Although Tightwad Tuesday thrived for a long time when Canada Girl hosted it, it does not seem to be meeting a need now.  In consultation with Stacy, who linked up faithfully every week, I’ve decided that this is the last Tightwad Tuesday on Tea Time with Annie Kate. 

Both Stacy and I will continue to post about careful stewardship, however, because that is part of how we love to minister to other moms.

If you want to visit a meme about stewardship or helpful tips, here are some lovely ones, each with its own individual flair:

Archives of Tightwad Tuesday with Canada Girl

Works for Me Wednesday

Coupon Teacher’s Thrifty Thursday

Frugal Friday

There’s always something helpful to learn from the many ladies who link up to these sites.


  1. Hey Annie Kate (and Stacy!),

    I’d like to invite you to also visit Friday FarmGirls @ Heart, which kind-of-sort-of combines “Tightwad Tuesday” and “Show-n-Tell Friday” in a way. I host it each Friday at “Plans4You,” and you can find out more about it in the “introductory” post, here:

    Thanks for the work you two have put in to TWT, it’s been a great run!

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Thanks, Lori! Friday Farm Girls sounds like a good idea, and I’m putting it on my calendar. 🙂

      Annie Kate

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