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Please Choose a New Way to Follow Tea Time with Annie Kate

After March 1, Google Friend Connect will no longer work on Word Press blogs like Tea Time with Annie Kate.  Sigh! 

I don’t want to lose contact with you when that happens, and I encourage you to choose a different way to follow me.  You can use

  • Linky Followers (see sidebar) which is easy to get started with;
  • a reader (see sidebar);
  • email (see sidebar); or
  • Google+, something I’m just learning to use.

I hope you’ll be able to follow Tea Time with Annie Kate using one of the above.  If these methods don’t work for you, please let me know what will.

And if your blog will be affected by this change, please let me know how to keep up with you.


  1. JoAnn says:

    I have you on my blog reader, but that linky thing looks interesting. I’ll have to look into that sometime.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Yes, I’m hoping it catches on!

  2. Jenn4him says:

    I have you on my sidebar and reader,and google + ,which I am just now learning to use as well. My son asked me to join and think it is a nice alternative to Facebook.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      I’m trying to get used to it and so, but I’ll have to think of things to say! 🙂

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