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My Favorite eCard Sites



I just finished sending a birthday card—no hunting for stamps, no running to the post office, and no time-consuming rush to the store as for a traditional card.  And no extra expense.


All I did was browse the Web Gallery of Art, choose a beautiful still life by a woman painter of 400 years ago and send it to a young mom, a painter, who’s having a birthday today.


For many years now we’ve been using the Web Gallery of Art for eCards.  It’s so simple that I send many more cards than I otherwise would.  Since I love art, choosing the pictures is a treat for me, while selecting silly and expensive paper cards is often a bit depressing. I also love writing my own message without fuss and feathers.  Someday I’ll include one of the many selections of classical music, but not until more people have high speed internet. 


The Web Gallery of Art is my absolute favorite eCard site, the only one I use.


There’s another site, however, that a friend of mine uses.  Every time I get a card from her, I’m tempted to subscribe to Jacquie Lawson so that I can send such treats to my friends and family, but I haven’t yet.  You see, although these animated cards are exquisite and certainly worth the modest cost, many of them would not reflect the fact that I’m a Christian.    


Take this lovely Easter card for example.  Where’s the message of Easter?  But isn’t it simply gorgeous? And don’t you love the music?  I could send it as a spring card, which is how it’s displayed now.  And even if I wanted to send it as an Easter card, I could put in my own short message.  However, if you compare this card to all the other Easter cards offered on this site, you’ll see what I mean.


I still haven’t made up my mind whether or not to use these cards, and every so often I browse the Jacquie Lawson site, enjoying many of the cards I see but feeling uncomfortable about some of the others.


Each time, so far, I’ve cheerfully gone back to the Web Gallery of Art.  It works for our family.


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  1. purplesquirrel says:

    Hey~ Great site! I just sent my dad a birthday card! 🙂

    Blessings, Lis in MA (TOS Crew)

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