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Fit Mommy Friday…uh Saturday

Well, last week went so well that my husband warned me not to be cocky. I don’t think I was, consciously, but I was not as careful as I should have been.

Exercise:  I did a lot of walking (to the garden) and running around (the house), but did not go for a single walk.   However, I did garden.  Three days in a row, and the last day I worked four and a half hours to get rid of the rest of the vacation weeds before the rains came.  Yes.  I did.  It was very, very light gardening, but it was still way too much.  In fact, I was so exhausted I couldn’t even think clearly enough to realize it.  The three oldest children were away, so no one noticed until my husband showed up and gently suggested that I stop.  Now. 

Nutrition:  We ate well, much of the time.  Fresh garden strawberries and asparagus.  Some mystery garden vegetable that looks like rapini but can’t be since I never, ever planted rapini.  Maybe it’s just a broccoli plant gone crazy. 

Then, on Thursday and Friday I accompanied my husband on a long trip, and V8, cottage cheese, herring, boiled eggs, raw veggies, and rice chips were just not adequate.  We found a restaurant (Red Lobster in Burlington, Ontario) where the waitress knew so much about gluten-free eating that I was astounded.  And for breakfast, I, for the first time, hopped into a kitchen and chatted with a cook, who had all her breakfast foods cooking in a way that almost eliminated any possible contamination.  (Yippee!) She was happy to cook me eggs without the pepper—spices often contain gluten contamination. 

Rest and Relaxation: Monday we spent much of the day in the car, driving home from vacation.  Late that afternoon and the next two days, we were busy in the garden.  Thursday afternoon, I spent another 5 hours peacefully sitting in the car, and Friday evening another 5 hours (after doing homeschool marks and homeschool planning all day using Miss 17’s laptop).  So that was a lot of sitting around, and it was probably necessary.

Next week, I hope to be more balanced in everything.  Good food, sensible amounts of exercise, and sensible amounts of rest, all at sensible intervals.  And I’ll aim for a more organized life so that things like homeschooling, laundry, ironing, cooking, and blogging follow somewhat of a routine.  (But it was fun, this week, being spontaneous.)

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  1. Crysalismum says:

    Hi I Annie Kate, I’m glad you had some good time in your vegie garden I do enjoy getting into mine too!! Praying for you as you struggle with your diet & tiredness,

  2. Stacy's Page says:

    I hope you start feeling better soon. I actually made it to church, even after having a rough night. There was something causing constant irritation where they inserted the needle (and that location is already very sore). I have decided to just start wearing boxers to allow the location to heal properly before constantly wearing tighter undies. Ok, was that TMI?

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