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Our Garden

Wednesday we finished planting our garden!  Yes, I know this seems late.  In fact, I’ve seen lovely pictures of almost-ready-to-eat vegetables at In His Hands.   


Our little microclimate is a fair bit colder than the rest of the world, however.  If we try to start our peppers, melons, pumpkins, and squashes too early, they suffer and give up.  Even so, we could have put the tender plants in last week, but we were busy with school, and it was raining, and there were a lot of weeds to pull first…all the usual excuses reasons. 

We have finished picking the asparagus and now it is growing tall and ferny between the chicken and duck coops.  Strawberry season is also over, although I found a luscious late berry as I was weeding yesterday.  Our rhubarb ‘hedge’ provides occasional desserts and gifts for friends, but we have not preserved any of it yet.  And we’ve been enjoyed herbs and greens, hidden in other foods or plain. 

Now raspberry season is in full swing. Thanks to the beehives just a few meters away, the bushes are loaded with berries.  

Yesterday we froze our soup and stew herbs for the winter.  We chopped and mixed lovage, thyme, savory, chives, green onions, parsley, and a wee bit of leaf celery.  Our parsley and celery, left over from last year, are ready to flower, but we can still eat the leaves at the bottom.

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