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Marriage Articles to Read before Father’s Day

Years ago, I bought the only copy of Mary Pride’s The Way Home at our local Christian bookstore.  It influenced me greatly in many ways, especially through one small sentence about Above Rubies, a Christian magazine put out by ‘editress’ Nancy Campbell.

I now get each refreshing and inspiring Above Rubies issue, and it’s free.

It turns out that there’s an Above Rubies website, too.  If, for Father’s Day, you want to be refreshed by a Biblical perspective on marriage, do check out the marriage articles.  You will cry, ponder, laugh, make resolutions, and perhaps even stamp your feet as you read about marriages, both good and terrible, about faith in God and submission to husbands, about leadership and joy….

You’ll be sure to find something that will bless your husband on Father’s Day and perhaps for the rest of your lives.

The Above Rubies website features over 100 other pro-family articles on topics ranging from pregnancy to homemaking.  Although I cannot endorse every article, I can guarantee that each article will make you think.

If you enjoy this website, you might want to join 160,000 other women world-wide who subscribe to the print magazine Above Rubies. It is available for free thanks to the donations of ordinary families.   Above Rubies also offers free email devotionals.  

Disclosure:  I have been blessed by Above Rubies for many years.  As always, I receive no compensation for my reviews, and my opinions are my own.

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  2. Sharla says:

    I have been so encouraged by Above Rubies in the past two years that I have been receiving it. I didn’t realize that they had a website though. Thank you for passing that along.

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