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Review: Math On DVD Pre-Calculus by Steven Gottlieb

math on dvd precalculus

There’s always a lot to learning math.  New ideas.  Funny symbols. Last year’s concepts, almost forgotten, but suddenly important again. And, above all, radically new ways of thinking, especially for high school math.  Because it takes many exposures to these new ideas to really understand them, your teens will benefit from supplementary math resources no matter how good your curriculum is.

The resource we’ve been using lately is Math on DVDs Pre-Calculus by college professor Steven Gottlieb.   This series is Steven’s tutoring sessions recorded on DVD.  In 15 hours of whiteboard lectures, 22 pre-calculus concepts are explained—for the price of half an hour’s worth of standard tutoring…. 

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  1. Kristi says:

    This looks like a wonderful resource, thank you!

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for linking up to Trivium Tuesdays! I am glad that we are still at the adding-single-digits stage =)

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