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Portraits of Integrity by Marilyn Boyer: Currently Free on Kindle

We try to teach our children character by example, by teaching, and by encouragement.  Marilyn Boyer, pioneering homeschool mom of 14, has another very good approach:  stories.

In Portraits of Integrity (Volume 1)  Marilyn tells 17 “stories of real people from history who, in the course of their lives, have been placed in situations where their character shone through….  Principles are best learned from practical examples and that is what has given birth to this book.”

Highlighting traits such as alertness, compassion, diligence, and forgiveness, Marilyn and her co-author tell good stories, full of detailed facts and excitement.  Factual and devotional questions after each chapter provide discussion opportunities and help the listeners absorb the story.  After all, having homeschooled for over 30 years, Marilyn knows what sticks with kids and teens.

As a bonus, in the back of the book you are offered a free gift:  a downloadable list of the 45 character qualities that this series of books highlights, with simple definitions and a Scripture verse to memorize for each one.

Way back when we started homeschooling I bought several books written by Marilyn and her husband Rick, and they have always been inspiring and full of practical wisdom.  Books by the Boyers are worth paying for, but when they are free that’s even better. 

You can get Portraits of Integrity here.  Currently it is free but please double check the price before you download the book, because it is subject to change.  Even if it is no longer free, it is worth getting.

Thanks to Crystal of Money Saving Mom 

Disclosure:  As usual, I am not compensated in any way for telling you about this book.

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