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Review: Journey Through the Night by Anne de Vries

Journey Through the Night-rgb

When I started to read Journey Through the Night to my youngest daughters, they expected to be bored.  However, by the third paragraph one of them jumped up.  “What!  John does judo?”  The other one was interested by the next page.  As the story moved on, they begged for chapter after chapter.  Once, when I could not read aloud any longer, I stayed behind in the lawn chair and, forgetting all my duties, finished the entire book even though I had read it many times before!  When I talk to others who have read this book, they invariably tell me how wonderful it was.

So, what is this amazing book?  Journey Through the Night follows John and his family through the five years of Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.  Intense humanity and deep thoughtfulness run through all its exciting events….

You can read my complete review at The Curriculum Choice.


  1. Aritha says:

    Ik heb het hele review gelezen. Ja, hier net zo. Eerst niet zo geïnteresseerd. Later wel. Ik vind het een heel goed boek! Ook de karakters zijn zo boeiend. Dat opvliegende broertje Frits 🙂 Maar ook de levensernst later.

  2. Yes, I read this several times when I was younger, too. Great series!

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Ja Aritha, het is een heel goed boek, zelfs in het engels.

      You’ll love reading it to your children when they are older, Nelleke!

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