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Homeschool Horizons: A New Canadian Magazine

This September, Canadian homeschoolers can read the very first issue of the new Homeschool Horizons: Canada’s Homeschool Encouragement Magazine.  

 Homeschool Horizons

Homeschool Horizons is being put out by Tony and Shannon Ratcliffe of Ontario.  I met Shannon through the TOS Review crew, and then, finally, in person at a conference.  She’s so bubbly and enthusiastic, just the perfect person to get you excited about the new school year or to haul you out of the dumps in February.  I met Tony, too, and he seems to be the calm, collected kind of person who makes sure things run smoothly behind the scenes.  I’ve even know some of the all-Canadian writing team through their blogs and the TOS crew….

And, knowing the people behind the project, I can assure you:  your subscription will be worth every penny!  What’s more, until the end of the month, Tony and Shannon are having a subscription party, including a discount on the subscription price and a draw. 

For your information, Shannon and Tony are Christians, as are the Homeschool Horizons writers I know.  The magazine will be written from the convictions of the authors, with, as usual, the editorial team having final say on what is appropriate.   

Disclosure:  I am posting this information as a personal favor to my Canadian readers and to Shannon.

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