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Pulsating Blue and Orange Ball on Hydro Wires

We had a severe thunderstorm a few days ago, violent enough that I unplugged my laptop and our beautiful organ.  (Read Jacqueline’s lightning story to find out why it’s a good idea to unplug during a severe thunder storm.)

I did not see the clouds, which was a good thing because after the fact I was told that they were twirling.

But I did see reflections of the blue and orange pulsating ball of something roaring on the hydro wires across the road.  Those reflections lit up our complete house!  While we don’t know exactly what started it, we do know how it ended:  a snapped electrical wire, a singed tree branch, a 911 call, firefighters guarding the area, then hydro workers busy for hours in the stormy night…and, of course, a house full of very excited kids.

We read by the fading sunlight and then by camping lantern, and revelled in the peace and the flashing lights.  The Little Misses fell asleep while watching the electrical workers splice the wire.

Our story is already becoming a special memory.

However, many people’s weather stories these days are full of sadness and loss.  May God comfort them all.

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  1. JoAnn says:

    So glad that it wasn’t anything too bad for you. We have enjoyed our times without power too. Thought it’s never been so close for us to see things like that.

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